Partners in fitness

We believe to join hands with organisations who share the same values & ethics as us ,so that our customers our given best options to acheive there desired goals. Organisations who keep authentic health care and wellness a priority above all else ,are welcome to be a partners with Purenutrition. The partnerships are as unique as the organisation itself, giving you an opportunity to explore what each has to offer on this Online fitness store.

Started off as an Athlete which later on transitioned into the interest of training Athletes & making them better at their specific sports.

Ended up becoming an Elite Level 3 Trainer with multiple certifications in Health & fitness, that varied from personal training to online & group training. Later on the interest grew towards nutritional science, followed by a specialization in strength & conditioning.

This led to the initiation of TAPPARATUS, A brand that caters to manufacturing apparel & gear for athletes.

The purpose & goal of T.A.P now is to simply to work on the athletes performance levels, not just physically but mentally & spiritually, providing the maximum value with a holistic approach.

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